Fire retardant curtains

So for the third year running we are the proud main shirt sponsor to Abertillery bowls.

I must say their kit looks amazing. And with a load of new signings and youth player's coming through the future looks bright at the club. We have even helped out by fire proofing all the curtains in their club house which has brought the insurance premiums down.

Good luck from everyone at Flameprotect UK  


vice captain Richard Cook in the new kit


Fire retardant spray for curtains 

Flame retardant curtains  

Fire proof spray  

Fire retardant spraying for fabric

Our most recent project took us north to the millennium Point in Birmingham where we was required to carry out on-site flame retardant application to stage curtains, over 350 viewing chairs and upto 3m high on all fabric wall linings.

We even carried out some minor repairs to damaged wall fabric behind the main stage. 

It's fair to say they are one happy customer.  

Thanks for the warm brummie welcome guys. 



Flame retardant spraying for seating 


Fire proofing spraying for fabric 


Flame retardant application service's 


Fire retardant spray for curtains 

Fire proofing London

Fulham based construction company contacted us when the flame proofing had been missed off pieces of fabric furniture in their new show home to show potenial new clients. 

We attended the day before their big launch leaving the place spotless and ready to make a big impression. 


onsite flame retardant spraying


fire retardant application for upholstery 


fire proofing for fabric


flame retardant spraying for material


flame proof spraying for curtains 

Fire proof spraying for the film and tv industry.

When Flameprotect was set up nearly 5 years ago we never thought we'd be working along side A-List celebrities of tv and films but that's exactly what we have been doing since May 2017. With a lot of the productions still in the filming process information on What we have worked is limited. But one projected that we completed was a explosion on the set of Eastenders where we fire proofed the actors clothes to make sure that the stayed safe in the fire Scene. It's been an amazing experience and we are already looking forward to what new challenges 2018 brings.


Abbie and Stephen posing for a picture in a break during filming. 

Fire proof timber sets  

Flame retardant application for costumes