Flame retardant for curtains

St George's Hall in Gloucestershire was one of our first jobs when we started Flameprotect UK. Today we revisited to retreat all their curtains after their 5 years certification had expired. 

Great to see you all again. And we'll see you again in another 5 years. 


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fire retardant for fabric


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fire retardant to curtains


onsite fireproofing to curtains

Flame retardant application for timber sets

Two films that's been recently released having worked on them both in 2017. The first being Overlord where we attended site at Warner Bros Studio and worked through the night to get the job completed. Treating a large french barn that had been constructed completely out of natural timber. We also carried out the treatment to the plane that was in the opening scenes as well as a number of different props.

The second film was the Outlaw King which stared superstar Chris Pine. Most of the filming was carried out in Scotland where we attended a number of different sets. One being Robert the Bruce camp site which came under attack from flaming arrows and a constructed English castle that Robert The Bruce conquered during the film. 


fire retardant spraying


fire proofing spraying.

Fire retardant spraying for curtains

Afrer being picked up on the fire risk assessment that their curtains and back drops where not compliant. Penyreol community Center called us for advice. We gave a quote there and then and the chairman stated that was over a £3000 saving on replacing them with new. The following day we attended and carried out Flame proof application on site. Keeping their customers safe.


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fire Proof spray


flame retardant fabrics

Flame retardant and local hero's Working together.

Saturday 29th September sees the biggest cage fighting event to be held in Wales at the Cardiff ice arena. 

Local boys Jack shore and kris Edwards take their places on the main card to be shown live on bt sport's.  

And Flameprotect UK are proud to be sponsoring both fighter. 

Jack is going for for a world title while kris is looking to keep an impressive winning streak going. Good luck to both and we will be there to cheer them along.  



Fire retardant Cardiff 

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